Don't Speak

The heart always knows what it wants.

Molly wants him. He wants her.

She loves him the mostest. Aidan loves her more.

Even though he shouldn’t.

He’s heard the whispers.

Nothing but a tragedy.

A freak who hasn’t spoken since he was five.

And her stepbrother.

The heart always knows what it wants.

He loved her anyway.

But their world isn’t safe.

Nightmares are real. The boogeyman exists.

And somewhere, he's still out there.



Dear Miss Dalton,

On behalf of our client, your presence at Dalton House is kindly requested.

She'd been summoned. By the grandmother she'd never met.
After missing twenty-one years of her life, why did she want to see her now?

Please make arrangements to travel before the arrival of winter weather in the Sierra Nevada.

Breanna had questions. Grandmama had the answers.
But classes, friends, and parties came first. The week of Thanksgiving break would have to do.

Mountain roads can be treacherous when the snow comes.

And the snow was coming. Now.
She met him in a roadside diner—Sinjin. Her dark savior. Her rescuer from the storm.
Trapped together in a remote mountain cabin, he taught Breanna what she needed from a man.
He warned her to be careful. And when the snow stopped falling, he was gone.

Do let me know when to expect you, Miss Dalton. I'm looking forward to meeting you.


Derek St.John, Esq.