Son of a Preacher Man Signed Paperback

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Son of a Preacher man
Red Door Series | Book 6

Those who choose to forget the past are condemned to repeat it.

The girl he’d loved from the day she was born called him Seth. Promises made on an altar of lies. A daughter shall fall for a son. Sins of the father poisoning his blood. And hers.

The girl he’d love the rest of his life called him Kodiak. But this wrongness lived inside him that nothing could take away. Some sins can’t be washed clean with water and prayer.

But maybe being loved by her could?

Son of a Preacher Man, Book 6 in the Red Door series, contains subject matter which may be sensitive or triggering to some readers and is intended for mature audiences. Red Door is a series of interconnected standalone novels. All of the main characters reappear and some storylines entwine throughout each book. For the best experience, the series should be read in order.

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