The Third Son - Alternative Cover Signed Paperback

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BROOKSIDE Series | Book 1

Home is just a place, right?

Arien Brogan had plans. In Denver. The only place she’d ever call home.

Then her mom met Matthew Brooks, and Arien’s plans were no longer her own.

So here she was, on a ranch in Wyoming, with her two new stepbrothers.

She’d never met cowboys like them before.

Kellan, the sullen one.

Tanner, the sweet one.

What did they want from her?

There was something strange about this town, their ways, and everyone in it.

Everything that comes in threes is perfect.

Where in the hell was she?

She wasn’t staying anyway. Come summer, she’d be gone.

But if plans can change, then dreams can too.

Because home is more than a place.

It's a feeling.

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